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Here are items or articles that have been published in the media.

All about how Witbank was developed along with its strong Jewish connections. Includes a photo of members of the M. M. Ussishkin Lodge No. 10.  Witbank 25th July, 1948.
This very interesting site was published here:

The Jewish Guild Orchestra performed for Hebrew Order of David Lodge No'5"- Pretoria.

The Hebrew Order of David International made a sizeable donation to the Cape Argus Children's Hospital Appeal.

In September 1983 Worthy Brother Grand President Lester Abrams opened a art exhibition in Johannesburg, South-Africa. The exhibition displayed art by Daniel (Dan) Ophir.

The Hebrew Order of David International donated R 5,000 to the Red Cross Children's Hospital which is a teaching hospital linked to the University of Cape Town.

Thursday                                 RAYMOND KALMAN
11 January                              From Whitechapel to Hendon via Johannesburg:
                                                the travels of the Hebrew Order of David 
This commenced at 8.30 pm in the Florence Michaels Hall of the St Johns Wood Synagogue, Grove End Road, London NW8 (by courtesy of the Honorary Officers and the Board of Management)
This was published on this site: http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~jhse/otherben.htm 

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